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Realty Assist is powered by Shivom Realtors, a leading real estate consultants in Bengaluru.

We cover a variety of services related to real estate. These services include assistance in planning, selling, buying, survey, legal, loan and general services like khata transfer, encumbrance certificate (EC), and more!

Why Us

All the resources and guidance you need, pre and post-transaction


Our partners are bank empaneled lawyers and loan agents.

Tailored For Your Needs

Our services are customised as per your requirement from our partners.

Cost Effective

Get the process done for lowest prices with our lawyers and bank agents.


We keep transparency in each step of the process.

Hassle-Free Process

Our process are hassle-free in each step of the service.

End-To-End Assistance

We assist you starting from loan sanction till registration.


Legal Services

We provide end-to-end legal services such as paper scrutiny, drafting agreements & deeds, property registrations etc.

Loan Services

We provide end-to-end loan services such as site/plot loan, home loan, house renovation loan, NRI loans etc.

General Services

We provide general property services such as encumbrance certificate, property tax payments, khata transfer etc.

Resale Property Package

Get end-to-end assistance from property verification till registration

Property Documents Verification

Get property documents scrutinized for legal opinion & report by bank empaneled lawyers.

Drafting - Agreements & Deeds

Get edits and reviews of the draft till you finalize agreements & deeds like sale agreement, sale deed, gift deed, GPA, rental agreement, partition deed, rectification deeds, WILL etc.


Get the registration process done till you receive all the documents post-registration.

Loan Service

Get end-to-end assistance in property loan service.

Experienced Bank Agents

We will connect you to the most experienced & trusted bank agents to get you the best deal.

Loan Documents

Provide required documents to bank agent to process the loan.

Loan Disbursal

Get your loan disbursed once the loan documents meet the criteria.

General Property Services

Encumbrance Certificate

Encumbrance certificate (EC) is a record that shows all the registered transactions of a property in a particular period of time. We assist in applying for EC.

Khata Transfer

Once the property gets registered on buyer's name from the seller's name, khata needs to be transferred. We assist in transfer of khata.

Property Tax Payment

Property tax is a tax on property which is to be paid every year by the property owner. We assist in paying your property tax.

Property Buying

We will assist you end-to-end in buying property in Bangalore Metropolitan Region (BMR)

Property Selling

We assist you in selling residential or commercial property in Bangalore Metropolitan Region (BMR)

Property Advice

Get unbiased property advice on buying your property, selling your property & house construction.

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We have tried answering all the queries related to the legal services in this Q&A, feel free to contact us with any doubts.

  • If you are investing your money to purchase a property, you will need to verify the documents.  When you verify the documents, you can make sure your investment is safe and you’re not getting into any scam or property fraud.
  • It usually takes around 7-10 days to verify all the documents.

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