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Browse properties

Use search engine and filters according to your preference to locate properties on Google map and shortlist using unique Listing ID.

Share shortlisted properties

Share the Listing ID of properties shortlisted via WhatsApp for details.

For desktop users:
Scan the QR code available in the property details page & share the Listing ID provided in "Overview" section. You can also share it to this WhatsApp number 97397 66656 for property details.

For mobile users:
Look for WhatsApp icon or logo at the bottom of the mobile screen and tap to share details.

We will confirm availability

Our team confirms the availability of properties shared by you and provides the property details, as the seller might have sold via other means.
1. We check availability every week.
2. Subscribe to get plot or site numbers.
3. If the property is a house, we assign our associate for the visit.

Reach using Google MAP link

Visit the property at your convenience using Google map location.

Discuss with Seller

Once you select a property, we will fix meeting with the seller for further discussions.

Own the property

If deal is confirmed with the seller, we will assist in property document scrutiny, loan, sale agreement drafting, sale deed drafting etc., till registration completion.


Service charges

We have tried answering all the queries related to the service charges in this Q&A, feel free to contact us with any doubts.

  • 1% for property valued above 50 Lacs and Rs.50,000 for property valued below 50 Lacs + GST Charges (as applicable)
  • Both Seller and the Buyer. 
  • Service charge to be paid one day before or earlier to the property registration. 
  • Fixing meetings
  • Negotiating prices
  • Legal assistance
  • Loan assistance
  • Property registration assistance
  • Construction advice, etc.
  • Detailed listing of property on
  • Digital marketing
  • No Call from brokers
  • No site visits
  • Only genuine buyers
  • Property registration assistance

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