Banashankari 6th Stage: A Comprehensive Guide

Banashankari 6th stage road connectivity

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Are you looking to invest in real estate in Bangalore South? Look no further than Banashankari 6th stage. This area is one of the fastest growing residential and commercial areas in Bangalore South, offering a high quality of living and a host of amenities with well-connected roads and metro stations.

Overview of Banashankari 6th stage

Banashankari 6th stage is a plotted development located in the southern part of Bangalore, developed by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) around Turahalli Forest and is divided into 11 Blocks. In 2002-03, BDA allotted plots to the public through the process of random computerized allotment.

It is adjacent to other prime locations such as JP Nagar, Rajarajeshwari Nagar and Kengeri. The area is well-connected by road, with easy access to Kanakapura Road, Mysore Road, and Nice Ring Road. Also, the area is very close to Bengaluru Metro – Green Line and Purple Line.

The lease period for sites in BSK 6th stage is 10 years from the date of allotment and, now, it is more than 20 years from the date of allotment. Hence, allottees will be eligible to sell their property. Lease period condition is not applicable to BDA incentive site or land owner compensation site, the alternate site and the auction site.

Road connectivity of BSK 6th Stage

Banashankari 6th stage has two main roads from Kanakapura Road, which is 100 feet road and 80 feet road. These two roads connect via Technology Road as mentioned in the image above.

  1. 100 feet main road (6.6 Km) runs parallel to NICE Road connecting Bangalore-Kanakapura Road and Bangalore-Mysore Road via Kodipalya Road.
  2. 80 feet main road starts from Kanakapura main road and connects Technology Road.
  3. Technology Road connects 100 feet main road of BSK 6th stage and the Dr. Vishnuvardhan Road.

Sompura NICE Road entry/exit is accesable only in 100 feet road which gives connectivity to Nelamangala, Magadi Road, Mysore Road, Bannerghatta Road and Electronic City.

BMTC bus facility

BMTC buses run regularly between Banashankari 6th stage and other nearby areas via 100 feet, 80 feet and Technology Road connecting Kanakapura Road, Dr. Vishnuvardhan Road and Kodipalya Road. Dr. Vishnuvardhan Road and Kodipalya Road continue further till Kengeri Bus Terminal.

Bengaluru Metro or Namma Metro connectivity


Bengaluru Metro – Green Line on Kanakapura Road, which is near to Banashankari 6th stage, connects the Silk Institute metro station and Nagsandra metro station via Nadaprabhu Kempegowda metro station (Majestic). It also connects to the Bengaluru Metro-Yellow line at Rashtreeya Vidyalaya Road metro station as shown in above image, which gives connectivity to Bommasandra metro station via Silk Board metro station and Electronic City metro station. The closest station is Vajarahalli metro station.

Bengaluru Metro – Purple Line on the Mysore Road connects Kengeri metro station and Baiyappanahalli metro station via Nadaprabhu Kempegowda metro station (Majestic). It further connects Whitefield metro station from the Baiyappanahalli metro station. The closest station is Kengeri Bus Terminal metro station.

Hospitals near Banashankari 6th stage

Ritu Hospital, Shankar Super Specialty Hospital, Cloudnine Hospital, and Cura Hospital on Kanakapura Road side of BSK 6th stage, all within 7 km radius.

BGS Global Hospital, Kengeri Government Hospital, H.K. Hospital and Rajarajeshwari Hospital on Mysore Road side of BSK 6th stage, all within 7 km radius.

Schools & Colleges near Banashankari 6th stage

Schools like Presidency School, National Public School (NPS), Delhi Public School, Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra and Chinmaya Vidyalaya are within 7 km radius. KSIT Collage, City Engineering College, RV College of Architecture, R. V. College of Engineering, RNS Institute of Technology and JSS Academy Of Technical Education are some of the prominent collages are within 7 km radius.

Plot dimensions and prices in BSK 6th stage

  • Plot Dimensions: In the BDA developed layout, plots are measured in meters. Corner plots are usually of uneven dimensions, and intermediate plots are of standard dimensions. Available standard plot dimensions in the Banashankari 6th stage are:
    • 6 m x 9 m = 54 sqm or 581 sqft.
    • 9 m x 12 m = 108 sqm or 1162.5 sqft.
    • 12 m x 18 m = 216 sqm or 2325 sqft.
    • 15 m x 24 m = 360 sqm or 3875 sqft.
  • Plot Prices: The prices of properties can vary depending on many factors, such as the size or dimension, facing, road width in front of the property, and locality. Currently,
    • for 20×30 site, price is around  Rs. 9,000/sqft.
    • for 30×40 site, price is around  Rs. 8,000/sqft.
    • for 40×60 site, price is around  Rs. 7,500/sqft.
    • for 50×80 site, price is around  Rs. 7,000/sqft.


Banashankari 6th Stage is a prime location for real estate investment in Bangalore South. The area offers excellent connectivity, a high quality of living, and a host of amenities. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial property, there are plenty of options available to suit different budgets and requirements. So why wait? Start exploring your options in Banashankari 6th Stage today!

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