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Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) acquires the land to develop layouts and allots the sites/plots formed in the layout to the applicants and also to the original land owner’s in return for land acquisition (incentive scheme).

When BDA completes the development of layouts, it will have cauvery water facility, electricity, well planned sewage system, and asphalt. Khata of BDA sites will be called as BDA khata, and tax will be paid to the BDA. When BDA handover the layout to BBMP after the area becomes a ward (amalgamation or expansion), the BBMP issues a new Khata. The BDA’s Khata becomes outdated at that time.

Four types of sites are there in BDA developed layout.
1. BDA allotted site
2. BDA incentive site or land owner compensation site
3. BDA alternate site
4. BDA auction site

BDA allotted site:

Site’s which are allotted by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) to the applicants.
In documents of BDA allotted site, the previous title is extinguished by law and title starts from the BDA’s acquisition of the property.

BDA incentive site:

Site’s which are allotted by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) to the original land owner’s in return for land acquisition.

In BDA incentive/compensatory site, the land would typically be ancestral land, and the ‘ancestral’ status carries forward into the incentive site as is.

Incentive sites can be identified through the allotment letter of the BDA itself, so always insist on seeing the allotment letter. A compensatory/incentive site will be mentioned as such. If you are buying such a site, you need to obtain the same documents which will trace title claims, presence of minors, etc. as in the case of buying sites on land with agricultural roots bringing the entire owner’s family tree into the scrutiny process.

BDA alternate site:

An alternate site from BDA is allotted to the applicant when the originally allotted site gets into some issue. The alternate site can be in any layout developed by BDA or in the same layout.

BDA auction site:

Site’s which are auctioned by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA)

BDA notifies on it’s website ( ) about auction dates and sites available for auction.

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