BDA sites for sale in Bangalore

Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) acquires land to form layouts and allots the sites or plots formed in the layout to applicants and original landowners in exchange for land acquisition (an incentive scheme), and it also approves layouts or projects undertaken by developers. These allotted and approved sites are for resale. Following are the BDA sites that are for sale in Bangalore.

Site’s which are allotted by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) to the applicants.
In documents of BDA allotted site, the previous title is extinguished by law and title starts from the BDA’s acquisition of the property.

Site’s which are allotted by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) to the original land owner’s in return for land acquisition and the land would typically be ancestral land, and the ‘ancestral’ status carries forward into the incentive site or compensation site as is. Incentive sites/Compensation site can be identified through the allotment letter of the BDA. 

An alternate site from BDA is allotted to the applicant when the originally allotted site gets into some issue. The alternate site can be in any layout developed by BDA or in the same layout.

Site’s which are auctioned by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA)

BDA notifies on it’s website ( ) about auction dates and sites available for auction.

Properties which are approved by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) for layout plans, construction of houses, or commercial projects. 

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